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Easi-Set Precast Buildings

Concrete, Transportable, Durable

Easi-Set Buildings Easi-Set Buildings Easi-Set Buildings Easi-Set Buildings Easi-Set Buildings

Easi-Set’s prefab concrete buildings are designed to provide durability, convenience and long lasting security under a variety of applications. The popularity of a prefabricated building can be attributed to ease of installation, customizable features and economic return for the property owner. Our buildings serve a wide variety of market applications; from Parks and Recreation to heavy-duty industrial and utility use. Installed in as little as a day, Easi-Set Buildings will prove a popular product with your customers.

J-J Hooks Safety Barriers

Barrier Connection System

JJ Hooks JJ Hooks JJ Hooks

J-J Hooks is North America’s most widely used safety barrier connection design. J-J Hooks can be used either as a temporary or permanent barrier system. It incorporates self-aligning, identical ended connectors that allow for quick, easy installation. With no loose hardware to worry about, a single section of J-J Hooks can be easily removed without disturbing adjacent sections, thus eliminating the possibility of lost, stolen, or damaged parts – a critical point both in terms of fast emergency access and protection against tampering and vandalism.

SlenderWall Cladding System

Precast Concrete, Steel Stud Building Panels

Slenderwall Slenderwall

Easi-Set’s SlenderWall precast concrete building panels provide significant savings in cost and design resources. This exterior wall cladding system directly benefits the owners, architects, developers and contractors of medium-to-large commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings under construction and/or renovation. SlenderWall has made significant inroads in the cladding market, with over 3 million square feet installed across North America.

SoftSound Noise Walls

Wood-chip Based Sound Absorptive Technology

Softsound Softsound Softsound

Concrete sound walls are an ideal product that offers homes and businesses privacy over a variety of applications. Made of a proprietary composite material that is compressed and suited for all technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer, our sound barriers are top of the line when it comes to sound absorption, durability, thermal strength and moldability. Whether it’s for super highways, residential streets, retail and commercial locations, parks, resorts or clubs, outdoor sound barriers are the proven solution.

Sierra Wall II Noise Walls

Industry’s only one-piece panel with extended post design

sierrawall sierrawall sierrawall sierrawall sierrawall

Sierra Wall II, an innovative new noise wall design that will change the industry. The post is cast directly to a custom sized panel. The final size is determined by the exact specifics needed for the location it will be placed in the wall. This innovation allows for one piece to be manufactured in place of a separate post and multiple panels. Each piece is manufactured and delivered in the order it will be installed. Sierra Wall II saves on production costs, material costs and installation times.

Beach Prisms Shoreline Protection

Permeable Precast Concrete Modules

beach prism beach prism beach prism

Beach Prisms is a permeable, precast concrete product that works by reducing the amount of energy in incoming waves before the waves reach the shoreline, preventing erosion and allowing the sand to be redeposited. Waves pass through the specially designed slots in the triangular 3 - 4 foot tall by 10 foot long Beach Prisms.