"Beach Prisms offer advantages of ease of installation, improved energy dissipation and sediment capture, longevity of the concrete material in marine environments and resistance to displacement both by humans and natural forces. In many locations, both landward and offshore sediments are accreted and are stabilized by aquatic vegetation from natural recruitment and in cases by supplemental plantings. In these cases, maximum benefit for erosion control and water quality improvement is achieved."

Environmental Scientist
Stephen Ailstock, Ph.D.

" ... 117,410 square feet of new beach created. Some 4,978 cubic yards of sand stabilizing a previously highly eroding beach where only water existed prior to the placement of the Beach Prisms ... The 7,465 tons of sand accumulated on Terrapin Nature Area is equivalent to 310 dump truck loads of sand ... Beach Prisms work effectively against shoreline erosion ... Beach Prisms are an extremely cost effective, economically viable and environmentally friendly method for shoreline protection."

Lane Engineering, LLC
Thomas D. Lane, President

"...Beach Prisms (were) installed at five separate sites...ranging from 150 to 400 feet in length."
"...Beach Prisms helped to preserve as much as 20 to 40 feet of vital shoreline on our property."

Beach Prisms customer
Peter Nitze

"We have utilized various shoreline protection methods throughout the Great Lakes. Based on the performance of the Prisms at our Oman Creek site on Lake Superior I would not recommended using any other method. There is like no harsher condition in the US to prove their performance. To my knowledge this site was the first use of this product in the Great Lakes system. I am confident that as we add more sites they will become the standard."

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
William C. Doan, Roscommon District Supervisor