"I started the trend of using SlenderWall on highrise buildings in New York City. I think that the SlenderWall system will be used on many buildings in New York in the future."

H. Thomas O’Hara Architect, PLLC
H. O'Hara

"For this project, SlenderWall was cheaper, better and faster to install than alternative construction methods. After all of the options were evaluated, the obvious choice was SlenderWall."

Davis, Carter, Scott
Mr. Doug Carter, AIA, NCARB

"SlenderWall was the perfect solution for the penthouse panels. It weighs substantially less than 6” thick panels. We used the same mix as the base building panels for a perfect match."

Weihe Design Group
Andrew Rashid

"SlenderWall just makes sense. The SlenderWall system is the only product that can cost-effectively clad the building and provide the desired finish. SlenderWall is lightweight, easy to install, and keeps costs down — something we can’t get with any other product."

Gary P. Santos

"What attracted us to this product is the 2-inch thick precast concrete in an economical panelized format with steel-stud backup. This significantly reduced the cost of the structural frame and foundation required to support this much lighter system. Thus, we could achieve the beauty of a precast concrete or masonry exterior in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Currently, we are on our fifth project using SlenderWall."

Rothe-Johnson-Fantacone Associates
Edward N. Rothe, FAIA

"The SlenderWall panels were pre-insulated at the factory and were used to re-clad a deteriorated, turn-of-the-century industrial structure. The system installation integrated easily with the custom windows of our design. SlenderWall is a significant and permanent improvement to the existing building."

GRAD Associates
Mr. Allen Trousdale

"Curved panel applications are easily accommodated with SlenderWall. The combination of design choices, flexibility and cost savings has resulted in our choice of SlenderWall on several high profile projects."

Heffner & Weber
Mitch Weber, Principal

"First, the system allows us to achieve our desired design of combined masonry and precast in one panel with significant savings over conventional brick veneer and precast. Secondly, we could construct a building with a masonry appearance in the dead of winter without cold weather delays and added costs for winterized construction."

D.R. Brasher, Architects
D. Ronald Brasher, Principal

"SlenderWall provided the ability to be creative at an economical cost to the client. The flexibility of the system provided us with unlimited design freedom."

Smith-Palmer & Famulari, Ltd.
Victor Famulari, R.A., NCARB

"Our overall objectives of design flexibility, sound construction, and speed of building erection – all at economical costs – were made possible with the SlenderWall panel system."

Barr & Barr
Tom LePage, Project Engineer