Permeable Modules Protect Shorelines and Water Life

Beach Prisms is a permeable, precast concrete product that works by reducing the amount of energy in incoming waves before the waves reach the shoreline, preventing erosion and allowing the sand to be redeposited. Waves pass through the specially designed slots in the triangular 3 - 4 foot tall by 10 foot long Beach Prisms. Download our Easi-Set Products at Work pdf. - List of Beach Prisms Producers

Beach Prisms Product Features

  • Pre-engineered modules (3' x 10', 4' x 10', and 6' x 12')
  • Over 15 years of installation experience
  • Second generation design
  • Use of applicable trademarks and "trade dress" protection
  • Guidance in securing applicable permits
  • Rights to manufacture at a specific location
  • 5 year renewable license
  • Protected Design

Complete License Services

Technical Services

  • Ongoing personal technical assistance, support, and training
  • Extensive product testing, reports, and engineering studies
  • Ongoing installation site research

Production Training & Services

  • In-your-plant production training
  • Onsite “project specific” training where required
  • Confidential manuals for production & installation

Advertising & PR Services

  • Lead generating product website,
  • Free press releases about your company
  • Feature articles about your company in trade publications and online

Sales Training & Services

  • Installation approval support
  • In-the-field sales training
  • Tradeshow, Direct Mail, and Field Sales support
  • Sales brochures tailored to your company

"Beach Prisms offer advantages of ease of installation, improved energy dissipation and sediment capture ... and are stabilized by aquatic vegetation from natural recruitment and in cases by supplemental plantings. In these cases, maximum benefit for erosion control and water quality improvement is achieved."

Stephen Ailstock, Ph.D., Environmental Scientist