The industry's most recognized concrete barrier design

Precast Concrete Barrier

Precast concrete barriers are the perfect solution for an area where safety and security are the primary focus. For nearly 25 years, J-J Hooks has offered concrete barrier designs for a number of duties including highway medians, property security and crowd control. Originally developed and patented by the Smith-Midland Corporation in 1990, J-J Hooks licensed producers have sold over 16 million linear feet of this "lowest-cost-to-produce" precast concrete barrier.

Frequently called "jersey barrier", our precast barrier is also designed and licensed to save the customer money during the placement and removal processes. Utilized as either a temporary or permanent precast concrete barrier system, J-J Hooks incorporates self-aligning connectors for a simple and timely installation. The innovation behind the connectors allows for a single concrete barrier to be removed without disturbing the footing of neighboring sections.

Installed yearly across North America, Europe, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and Trinidad Tobago, J-J Hooks is the precast concrete solution for projects across the globe. As for North America, it’s the most well-known and most-widely used safety barrier and is currently approved for applications across 41 states. To learn more, visit its website at or call (800) 547-4045. Download our Easi-Set Products at Work pdf. - List of J-J Hooks Producers

Concrete Barrier Features

  • MASH TL3 and NCHRP-350 TL3 certifications
  • State / provincial approval
  • Use of applicable patents, trademarks, and crash tests
  • Rights to manufacture at a specific location
  • Easi-Set representation on National Committees
  • 5 year renewable license

Concrete Barrier License Services

Technical Services

  • Crash tested designs: NCHRP 350 TL3 free-standing and MASH TL3 free-standing, bolted or pinned
  • Detailed product drawings, casting details and assembly drawings
  • Ongoing product Research & Development, additional crash testing
  • Certified vendor list and quantity pricing
  • Representation on highway design task forces

Production Training & Services

  • In-your-plant production training
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Confidential manuals & videos for production & installation
  • Licensed producers’ network

Advertising & PR Services

  • Ads in trade publications at no cost to you
  • Ads on all major search engines at no cost to you
  • Lead generating product website,, over 30,000 visits in last 12 months
  • Free press releases about your company
  • Feature articles about J-J Hooks in trade publications and online

Sales Training & Services

  • State approvals for precast concrete barrier installation
  • Sales training and support
  • Established and reputable brand
  • Product brochures tailored to your company

"We installed over 26,000 linear feet of temporary barrier wall in 20’ sections ... in six shifts ... removal was simplified by not having to pull pins or shake walls loose."

Don Stegemoller, Chief Estimator, Shappert Engineering Company