Innovative Highway Noise Barrier Technology

The industry's only one-piece panel with extended post design

Easi-Set Worldwide is introducing Sierra Wall II, which has developed innovative highway noise barrier technology even further. But what exactly separates the Sierra Wall II apart from other highway sound barrier products? The answer is directed towards the product’s foundation. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials guidelines, this patented highway sound noise barrier design eliminates the need for costly heavy-steel reinforcing cages around the prestressed foundation portion of the column.

The combined strength of the integrated supporting/foundation column and panel gives these highway noise barriers superlative quality and the lowest highway sound wall cost ever offered. This one-piece design also eliminates thousands of linear feet of panel joints, adding significantly to its sound attenuating capacity versus competitive highway sound wall systems.

Sierra Wall II is available for licensing to qualified highway noise barrier precasters. Easi-Set Worldwide expects Sierra Wall II to be as successful as its J-J Hooks highway safety barrier with licensed manufacturers in 39 states and provinces and 9 countries. Like J-J Hooks, Sierra Wall II was engineered to be the industry’s highest performance and lowest cost-to-manufacture highway noise barrier product available. Give us a call at (800) 547-4045 to learn more about our innovative highway noise barrier applications! Download our Easi-Set Products at Work pdf.