Precast Concrete Cladding Systems

Architectural Precast Concrete/Steel Stud Building Panels

Easi-Set’s SlenderWall precast concrete cladding system is a trademarked product that provides significant savings in cost and design resources. This exterior wall cladding system directly benefits the owners, architects, developers and contractors of the building under construction and/or renovation. All medium-to-large commercial buildings qualify for SlenderWall’s proven exterior cladding.


The structural benefits of SlenderWall’s insulated precast concrete panels is evident both before and after the cladding installation. From a designed standpoint, architects don’t need to worry about common structural challenges that conventional exterior cladding would present. This includes reduced requirements for the structure’s foundation and overall body, which saves time and resources for when shipping and installation occur. Even better, smaller cranes can be utilized as SlenderWall’s precast concrete cladding is 60% more lightweight than other exterior cladding applications.

Our exterior cladding panels are designed, manufactured and installed as a permanent concrete panel solution for any medium-to-large commercial building because it carries the characteristics of architectural precast concrete. The architectural precast concrete panels are designed to endure common structural challenges including lateral displacement of the building, deflection of its floor and beam and column shortening. Starting with the concrete form at the production plant, the precast concrete mix provides a maintenance-free waterproof panel to minimize vapor infiltration. It will not dent, rust, burn, warp or delaminate. Download our Easi-Set Products at Work pdf. - List of SlenderWall Producers

Exterior Cladding Features

  • Immediate access to all developed and tested technology
  • Use of applicable patents and trademarks
  • Lightweight (30#/sf vs. 85-90#/sf for heavy architectural)
  • Flexible - panel sizes up to 13' x 40' (reduces installation costs and caulk joints)
  • Reduced foundation and superstructure requirements
  • Creates additional interior floor space (panels mount outboard)
  • Plant-applied closed cell foam insulation
  • Plant-installed windows
  • Rights to manufacture at a specific location
  • 5-year renewable license

Exterior Cladding License Services

Technical Services

  • Detailed product drawings, casting details, and assembly drawings
  • Ongoing product Research & Development
  • Technical support for bidding jobs including “panelization” & pricing support
  • Extensive product testing and test reports
  • Qualified engineering & drawing organizations to prepare shop tickets & erection drawings
  • Approved vendors for proprietary items

Production Training & Services

  • In-your-plant production training
  • Onsite “project specific” training where required
  • Confidential manuals for production & installation
  • Licensed producers’ information & referral network

Advertising & PR Services

  • Save over 50% of direct advertising and PR costs
  • Leads that correlate to over 20% of Sales
  • Affordable Co-op Advertising Program (print & web)
  • Producer website,, direct mail, and advertising support
  • Free press releases about your company distributed on
  • Feature articles about SlenderWall projects in architectural publications & website

Sales Training & Services

  • Dedicated SlenderWall salesman providing lunch-and-learns, generating leads & attending tradeshows
  • Sales leads distributed bi-monthly (hot leads forwarded as they come in)
  • In-the-field sales training
  • Direct support for Tradeshows, Lunch-and-Learns, and Sales Presentations
  • Extensive Architectural Portfolio and Technical Design Guide
  • Sales presentations, marketing materials, & brochures tailored to your company

"Curved panel applications are easily accommodated with SlenderWall. The combination of design choices, flexibility and cost savings has resulted in our choice of SlenderWall on several high profile projects."

Mitch Weber, Principal, Heffner & Weber