Concrete Sound Walls By SoftSound

The latest in wood-chip based sound absorptive technology for soundwalls

Concrete sound walls by SoftSound are an ideal product that offers homes and businesses privacy over a variety of applications. Made of a proprietary composite material that is compressed and suited for all technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer, our sound barriers are top of the line when it comes to sound absorption, durability, thermal strength and moldability. Whether it’s for super highways, residential streets, retail and commercial locations, parks, resorts or clubs, outdoor sound barriers by SoftSound are the proven solution.

What separates our outdoor sound barriers from others is a proprietary formula that combines specialized components and woodchip aggregates with cement as a binder. Durable under all weather conditions, our concrete sound walls are resistant to mildew, insect nesting, rotting, termites and more.

The wood-based material is lightweight, averaging just 36-40 pounds per cubic foot. SoftSound outdoor sound barriers are also 100% recyclable and environmentally-friendly. Download our Easi-Set Products at Work pdf. - List of SoftSound Producers

  • Noise Reduction Coefficient up to 0.8
  • Freeze thaw (300 cycles)
  • Salt scaling (50 cycles)
  • Flame spread - "Class A" rating
  • Sound Transmission Loss - 50 db
  • Modulus of Rupture (150 psi minimum)

All SoftSound sound proof barriers are available in standard, custom and highly-intricate designs. To fill all aesthetic requirements, exposed surfaces are provided in a variety of textures and colors. Among our proven sound barrier applications are noise barrier walls, retaining walls and acoustic facing panels. As mentioned above, SoftSound noise barriers are applicable to a number of location types.

Our specially-engineered concrete sound walls include a post and panel system that is sound absorptive on both sides. Produced in a number of colors and textures, this popular sound barrier application is ideal for residential, commercial and municipal locations. Compatible with SoftSound retaining wall systems, this sound wall application serves as an integral highway traffic barrier as well.

Alongside retaining walls, SoftSound products also include its acoustic facing panels. Designed for non-wall applications, SoftSound’s acoustic facing panels are designed and manufactured in a variety of custom sizes, textures and colors. There is no shortage of sound absorption with these sound-proofing panels!

Sound Wall Product Features

  • Resistant to rotting, decay, mildew or mold build up, insect nesting, vermin, termites, and combustion
  • Access to proprietary sound absorptive material
  • Rights to manufacture at a specific location
  • Five-year renewable license

Complete Sound Wall License Services

Technical Services

  • Ongoing personal technical assistance, support, and training
  • Extensive product testing, reports, and engineering studies
  • Ongoing product Research & Development
  • State/Provincial Approval

Production Training & Services

  • In-your-plant production training
  • Onsite “project specific” training where required
  • Confidential manuals for production & installation

Advertising & PR Services

  • Free press releases about your company
  • Feature articles about your company in trade publications and online
  • Lead generating product website

Sales Training & Services

  • State approvals and support
  • In-the-field sales training
  • Tradeshow, Direct Mail, and Field Sales support

"Adding SoftSound made expanding our noise wall business easy."

Matthew Smith, Vice President of SMC