A simple precast product licensing program that works for you

Easi-Set Worldwide was created for one purpose – to expand the reach of the precast industry and the bottom line profitability of precasters by developing high margin, innovative products and making them available through a licensing arrangement.

We are a service-oriented company offering established precasters the advantages of economical and rapid product and business diversification through our comprehensive program.

Each year we invest heavily to improve our products, doing the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

Currently, Easi-Set is the precast industry’s largest licensor with six award winning proprietary product lines, nearly 70 licenses, and an extended family of licensed producers located across three continents.

Easi Set Worldwide Licensed Precast Concrete Products

The EASI-START Program - Your Competitive Edge

  • Rapid Market Entry
  • Minimal Capital Investment
  • Less Competition
  • Reduced Learning Curve
  • Support From Network Of 60+ High-Caliber Producers
  • Turn-Key Marketing Program

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Technical Services

Rules and regulations are ever-changing. Do not get bogged down always worrying if your products are up to code. All the precast concrete product designs, certified engineering, and required testing are completed and reviewed annually for compliance with the current applicable codes.

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Production Training

Easi-Set will arrange an in-person, hands-on training program to ensure your company is getting the most out of our product and services. We are there with you every step of the way. We also provide illustrated production and training manuals and videos. Our training does not stop at the initial stages of setup.


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Sales Training

Experience the benefits of Easi-Set’s comprehensive sales training. We continue to bring quality service for you business with our highly qualified sales professionals who tailor training to your business needs. Easi-Set has carefully selected national advertising outlets that are targeted to your audience.


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Advertising & PR Services

By carefully selecting advertising outlets with documented readership among our target audience and sharing the cost of ads among the Easi-Set producers, we provide you with exposure to lucrative markets that would be prohibitively expensive for a single producer.


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Research & Development

Easi-Set saves you the time, cost and risk of product research and development.  We have been conducting R&D for decades, gaining us a reputation for innovative and diversified products. This has allowed our product lines to stay at the forefront of the market, making us leaders of the industry.