Professional Advertising & PR Services

Only through Easi-Set will you receive the benefits of a powerful national advertising and public relations program at a fraction of the cost of attempting it on your own. Our efforts continuously enhance our licensees’ leadership position in the market by increasing brand awareness.

By carefully selecting advertising outlets with documented readership among our target audience and sharing the cost of ads among the Easi-Set producers, we provide you with exposure to lucrative markets that would be prohibitively expensive for a single producer.

The advertising and PR programs create quality inquiries sent directly to your sales staff near real time or twice a month based on sources. Our studies show that our Advertising & PR leads correlate to over 20% of sales. When you sign a license with Easi-Set, you will receive all leads in your market for the past several years.

National Advertising: Trade publications are carefully selected by analyzing readership, reach, and previous performance. Advertising campaigns are evaluated several times a year and publications are added and dropped based on the cost-per-lead and the sales correlated to a given publication.

Internet Marketing: Each of our product lines has a powerful website, optimized for search engines, that generates inquiries on a daily basis. The websites also have Pay-per-click advertising on all major search engines as well as ads and listings on other appropriate websites.

Public Relations: We have a strong public relations component in our marketing communications program. Press releases are issued routinely and our PR specialist stays in touch with our licensees regularly to identify and develop future stories in appropriate media, at no cost to the licensee. Easi-Set routinely submits press releases to, also at no cost to the producer.

Marketing Support: We provide guidance for your local marketing efforts and can assist you in improving your website to make it a better marketing tool. We can provide insights and guidance for any advertising you want to place in your local market. We also offer discounted graphic design services.