Quality Precast Production Delivered through Extensive Training

When you are ready, we provide extensive production training and product orientation in your production plant.

An Easi-Set representative provides hands-on product production training at your plant, or at our facilities, under operating conditions and with your staff and key personnel. This allows us to provide personalized instruction with maximum benefit for your company.

Once you have selected your product line, Easi-Set provides all the assistance necessary to begin production. Your company will receive forming guidance, equipment and vendor lists, material specifications and sources. Hands-on instruction is supplemented with confidential comprehensive, illustrated production training manuals and videos. You will also receive onsite “project specific” training where required. Based on the complexity of the product, the training lasts anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

After your production training, we continue to provide you with ongoing support. We’ll answer all your follow up questions and provide additional site visits as necessary. If any problems arise concerning our vendor or equipment recommendations, we will work with the vendor to resolve any issues.