Comprehensive Technical Services

Easi-Set's Precast Concrete Product Licenses have a demonstrated success in the construction marketplace. All precast concrete product designs, certified engineering, and required testing are completed and reviewed annually for compliance with the current applicable codes. This comprehensive technical information is included as part of our initial "technology transfer" that takes place when you become a licensed producer for one of our precast concrete product lines.

When applicable, stamped engineering calculations are included as part of the technical package. Concrete products that require the approval of a governing authority have either been approved for use or the approval is pending. These written approvals become a part of the technical package. Enclosed as part of this package are detailed product drawings, shop drawings, and assembly drawings along with copies of all test reports and/or test videos for use by our licensed producers. Each Easi-Set Licensed Producer is assigned a unique ID code as an approved purchaser of Easi-Set unique items. Licensed producers will also receive discounted engineering services from Easi-Set approved engineers.

As part of our ongoing support and training, Easi-Set provides personal technical assistance for each licensed precast product line and strives to ensure that the best precast concrete practices and methods are used. Where necessary, an Easi-Set representative will make job site visits to fully support your needs.

We look forward to partnering with you to become a successful licensed producer of Easi-Set precast concrete product lines.